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Hinson Snipes File Suit Against Bar and Trenton Police Over Drunken Machete Attack

Trenton Police failed to protect a bar worker from a drunken machete-wielding psycho during an attack that left him severely injured. The complaint names the police officers and police director as defendants. Instead of following police policy and procedure, and taking reasonable action to protect innocent citizens, Trenton Police officers recklessly deployed the specter of deadly force toward innocent citizens – and not the visibly intoxicated individual brandishing a machete. The Trenton Police officers to drew firearms on two innocent Black males, forcing them to abandon the position of safety they secured to avoid the machete attack. Read more here: Bar worker sues Trenton Police over drunken machete attack – Trentonian


If your civil rights have been violated as a result of police misconduct, contact one our attorneys at HINSON SNIPES today: 609-452-7333.

Note & Disclaimer: This blog section reports on civil rights (police misconduct) and personal injury incidents and cases that HINSON SNIPES Trial Attorneys have extensive experience handling. We source the reports from internet news stories. As more information becomes available, we may update the post. If this post is outdated or contains inaccurate information, let us know. Please understand, that in reporting these serious incidents, HINSON SNIPES hopes that more will be done to prevent them. And finally, our blog content is not legal advice.

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