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Police and government misconduct, whether constitutional violations or negligence, causes harm in many circumstances, including excessive use of force, false arrest, malicious prosecution, mistaken imprisonment, and others. Sometimes the harm results in a serious deprivation of civil liberties including freedom, security from bodily injury, equal protection under the law, and due process to name a few. 


To address the harm, federal and state law permit citizen access the judicial system. And although the judicial system cannot undue the harm caused by police and government misconduct, it can hold them legally liable for the harm they caused by providing compensation to fix what can be fixed, help what can be helped, and make up for what cannot be fixed or helped.


If you believe you are a victim of police misconduct or negligence, contact us today and speak with one of our trial attorneys. And in the meantime, check out some frequently asked questions.

Police misconduct litigation is mentally and emotionally intense: In a nutshell, it's hard. But that pales in comparison to being falsely arrested and imprisoned, or subjugated by excessive force, or subjected to malicious prosecution for months and sometimes years. So, I start each day with crystal-clear perspective on what I must to do for my clients.

Tracey C. Hinson, Esq. 

Ms. Hinson has litigated many civil rights case and has obtained great results for her clients. In the relatively recent, and particularly visible, case involving Marcus Jeter v. Bloomfield Township, Mr. Jeter alleged Bloomfield Police officers beat him during a traffic stop on the Garden State Parkway. He was indicted on charges of eluding police, resisting arrest, and assault on a police officer. But the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office dropped the charges after Bloomfield released dashcam footage of the arrest, see below. Mr. Jeter contended the dashcam video, which was withheld for nearly a year by Bloomfield officials, contradicted much of what was written in police reports concerning his arrest. Eventually, three officers faced criminal charges following the video's release. As a result of civil litigation, in federal court, defendants settled the case for $1.6 million.  

Marcus Jeter v. Bloomfield Township


Police Misconduct

Excessive Force

False Arrest

Malicious Prosecution

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Dangerous Product

Wrongful Death

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